Watch excerpts from our live multi-media performance which immerses the audience

in the history and our story.


DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014,

and has since toured nationally and internationally.


In the run up to the 70th anniversary of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

and 75th anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights in November 2020,

we will give larger scale commemorative performances alongside other instrumentalists and singers 

 at the centres of Maxwell Fyfe's journey, from natural justice in Nuremberg to natural law in Strasbourg.


Tickets available from March 2020




where he holidayed as a child with his grandmother and learnt of his family history of the Clearances

Natural beauty & family tragedy


Carnegie Hall, Clashmore

September 5th 2020



where he grew up and was educated at George Watson's School until he was 18

Scottish Enlightenment


C Venues

August 29th - 31st 2020



where he met and married Sylvia whilst practicing as a barrister and was MP for West Derby for 25 years

The law in action


Global Theatre

November 7th 2020



where he studied at Balliol College

The law of nature told by Greek and Roman Scholars



October 2020, date tbc



where he and Sylvia lived and worked in Westminster

Government under the law


Westminster Hall

September 2020, date tbc



where the War Crimes Trials took place

Natural Justice


Courtroom 600

November 20th 2020



where the Convention was drafted and European Court was later established

Natural Law


Date and venue tbc



where his personal papers are archived

David Maxwell Fyfe & Winston Churchill


Churchill College

October 2020, date tbc

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